Music Hall a25.3 Integrated Amplifier

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Product Highlights:

  • 50-watt per-channel amplifier for breathtaking sound
  • Dedicated moving-magnet phono preamp for vinyl records
  • Premium features including headphone output and pre-amp out
  • Bass, treble, and balance controls
  • Ultra-low noise pre-amplifier section for clarity
  • Sleek brushed aluminum faceplate and solid chassis
  • Gold-plated heavy gauge speaker binding posts
  • Padded vibration-damping feet for sonic isolation
  • Multiple inputs including digital and analog stereo, Bluetooth, and phono
  • Removable power cord and system remote control
  • Elegant black fascia and case.
Dimensions and Warranty:
  • Dimensions: 16.9" x 12.6" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 14.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 year

All About Music Hall a25.3 Integrated Amplifier

Experience unparalleled audio excellence with the Music Hall a25.3 Integrated Amplifier, the ultimate fusion of power, precision, and versatility for discerning audiophiles. At the core of this powerhouse is a high-current toroidal power transformer, fueling a robust 50-watt per-channel amplifier that delivers breathtaking sound quality. The ultra-low noise pre-amplifier section guarantees every note is reproduced with stunning clarity. With its sleek brushed aluminum faceplate, solid chassis, gold-plated heavy gauge speaker binding posts, and special padded vibration-damping feet, the a25.3 is engineered for unmatched sonic isolation and visual appeal.

Connect and elevate your favorite audio sources with the a25.3's impressive array of inputs, including two analog stereo inputs, two digital inputs (one optical and one Bluetooth), and a 3.5mm front panel line input. Breathe new life into your vinyl records with the dedicated moving-magnet phono preamp, expertly crafted to capture every nuance and detail. Additional premium features include a 1/4" (6.35mm) headphone output, pre-amp out, bass, treble, and balance controls, and a voltage switchable design. The amplifier comes complete with a removable power cord and a system remote control, all encased in an elegant black fascia and case. Don't just listen to music - experience it with the Music Hall a25.3 Integrated Amplifier.

Music Hall a25.3 Integrated Amplifier Specs

Input Sensitivity: RCA: 0.65V Phono (NNI): 5mV

Power Output: 50W@8ohm 75W@4ohm

Line Out: 0.65V

SNR: >90dB

THD+N: <0.02%(20Hz-20KHz)

Frequency Response: RCA: 20Hz-20KHz(-0.5dB)

Phono Input: RIAA compliant

Analog Inputs: 3 x line level, 1 x phono

Digital Inputs: 1 x optical level, 1 x bluetooth level

Included Accessories: power cord, remote control, 2 x AAA batteries

Dimensions: w16.9 x d12.6 x h3.5 in. (w430 x d321 x h90 mm)

Weight: 14.3 lbs. (6.5 kg.)

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